Winter Work

by on February 4, 2019

What a winter we’ve had so far, including wind chill there has been a 90 degree temperature swing in the last 7 days! Welcome to Indiana in the winter months. Temperature swings, along with rain and snow has made working in the fields almost impossible thus far as the fields are very saturated. We have several tile and fence row clearing projects on our to-do list since harvest ended mid November, but we can’t seem to string together enough good days between weather events to get the soil in good enough shape to work. That being said, we have been able to move a lot of grain out of our storage facilities lately. There is also no shortage of work to do in the shop during the nasty weather days, such as planter rebuilds/improvements, semi maintenance, tile plow repairs, and many other repairs/preventative maintenance type work. Hopefully the weather will shape up later this month and we can get out and accomplish tasks on our list before it’s time for the planters to roll, it won’t be long! 

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