About Us

Randy and Donna are both originally from the Benton County area, but chose to relocate to southwest Tippecanoe County in 1989. Randy started out working for a local farmer, but quickly transitioned to the cooperative effort with George Raub that created what is now Geswein Farms GP. Working together, the two combined their knowledge and experience to grow the operation. As we’ve grown, both full-time and part-time employees have been added to ensure optimum productivity and efficiency. When Randy’s father, Joe, retired in 2007, the business expanded to operate land that was originally purchased by Clem Geswein in 1930. Joe continues to provide extensive knowledge and experience to the operation. George Raub has also transitioned into retirement the last couple of years although he still enjoys coming out to help during our busy times.  Mitchell officially joined the partnership in 2018, however, he’s been working on the farm since his toes were first able to touch the tractor pedals.

Randy and Donna have three children and four grandchildren.  Alyssa (husband, Brenden) graduated from Ball State University in May 2012 with degrees in both Elementary and Special Education and completed Master’s Degree in 2018.  Jordan graduated from Marian University in May 2015 with a degree in Sociology and finished Master’s Degree in Social Work in 2018. Her husband, Tyler, has joined the farming operation also. Mitchell (wife, Reagan), graduated from IvyTech with an Agriculture Business Degree. Mitchell now works full-time for the farm and became a Partner in 2018.