The end is in sight!

by on November 8, 2013





We can see the light at the end of the tunnel!  We need a few more nice days to finish up. Hopefully we can get done before the next rain/snow event.  We were extremely please with our final bean yields and continue to be amazed at the corn yields.  This is definitely our best corn yields ever.  It makes harvest take longer, but definitely will be worth it.  We think we are seeing benefits from the drought of 2012 (there is always something good) both on loosening up the soil by being so dry and also freeing up fertility in soil. We feel that we are also seeing the benefits from our farming practices, variable applications, cover crops, and conservation tillage.

We have started spreading fertilizer on some of our cover crops and most of them are growing well.  The clovers are a little slow growing, but I think as long as we get some growth they will continue next spring. The remainder of fertilizer will be spread soon after we get new soil test results and variable rate spread recommendations. Also we will be applying fall herbicides trying to hold back winter annual weeds, as well as, trying to fight weed resistance in some of our hard to control weeds and get a jump on the spread of Palmer Amaranth which is a new species of the pigweed family moving in from the south that is extremely hard to control.

Thanksgiving was our goal date for harvest completion; hopefully we will be finished well before then.  Happy Thanksgiving!


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