What a difference a year makes!

by donna.geswein@gmail.com on July 18, 2013

We were blessed with plenty of rain in the month of June.  The crops are looking very good at this point.  Hopefully the corn pollinates well despite the ridiculous heat this week.  The weather is supposed to break this weekend with another chance of rain so if that happens we will be in great shape.

The picture below was taken recently up in Benton County at the original Geswein farmstead started by Randy’s grandpa, Clem Geswein.  It is now owned by Randy’s dad, Joe, and farmed by Geswein Farms.

Geswein 2013 182_bw (2)

Rick, Randy, Joe & Mark



The wheat harvest went well and the straw is baled.  The guys have been busy spraying bean fields again.  Once that is caught up, things should slow down for a month or so.  There are always tile projects to work on and other small jobs that get pushed aside during the busy season.  The main task this week is trying to stay cool!

Our annual landowner supper is Thursday, August 15th!


Geswein 2013 113_edited-1 (2)

Randy and Mitchell taking a break from the family pics



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