Ready for spring … almost!

by on April 7, 2013

What a difference a year makes!! During the last week of March last year, we planted a field of corn. This year, 10 inches of snow! I think we have finally gotten the snow melted off, but the soil is very, very cold and very wet. The weather station is showing 38-39 degrees at 2 inches. We need 50 degrees soil temperature to get corn to germinate, preferably a dry and warming 50 degrees.

Our new planter finally arrived on Friday. If you have ever seen the CMT show “Trick my Truck”, that is what will be going on to the planter this week. We have pallets of parts and extra help lined up to get this done. The pictures above show the beginning stages of our version of “Trick my Planter”. With the week’s forecast for rain, we should have plenty of time to get this job completed.

As the weather starts to warm, we will be spraying to terminate the cover crops we planted last fall, as well as, get some pre-plant herbicide down. We also will be finishing applying some fertilizer and top dressing wheat as it starts to green up. So things are coming together as we prepare to put the crop in. Ideally we would like to start planting April 20th; however we will be ready by the 15th just in case conditions are right.

Happy Spring!

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